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Here at PIM, we do not believe in manipulating recordings. As we believe this can cause a matrixing affect. When we process EVP's, we take the stance of 'what you hear is what you get'. The most we will do to any recording is slow it down or raise the volume. So you can be assured that the EVPs we present to you are true voices and not manipulated in any way.

Here is a small sample of some of our best EVP's.

1.) Taken at Waverly Hills several years ago. In the nurses station on the 5th floor. You hear a giggle (after I ask my fellow investigators if we can sit down) then a woman says "Take a number". Class A.

Take a Number

2.) This next clip is from a business. We cannot disclose the location. This would be considered Class A. Sounds like a man saying "I wonder whats going on?"

I wonder what's going on?

3.) This was taken in a residence. Again, we cannot disclose the location. This is a woman whispering to the recorder to "Go Away, Go Away". Class A EVP.

Go Away...Go Away

4.) This was from a business. A man whispers, "say it again" Class A EVP

Say it Again

5.) Two EVP's with same comment, at the same location. Class A EVP

They see you

They see

We will add more so check back often!